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"Liz" Has a Tantrum

Here, courtesy of Politico's Anne Mullins, is a truly remarkable exchange of emails, featuring a written tantrum from Jim McDermott's scheduler, Elizabeth, who apparently loses her mind if addressed as "Liz."

The episode would be funny if it weren't eerily illustrative.  There are many excellent government workers -- including the schedulers with whom I worked in Senator Bond's office.  But there are also many arrogant ones, who understand the control they can wield in the names of their bosses -- in itself a worrisome sign of how much power the government has arrogated to itself.  It's pathetic that the representative of any taxpaying entity should have to put up with this kind of abuse from a woman whose salary is being paid, in part, by that entity's tax dollars.

Feel like dealing with a thousand other "Liz"'s in order to get your health care needs addressed?  Perfect!  You should loooove President Obama's plan for a government takeover.


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