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Socializing the Marketplace of Ideas

ABC News intends to hold a health care town hall meeting from inside The White House -- and has denied Republicans' requests to participate.

Despite the magnitude of the issue, despite the variance in the viewpoints Obama, the GOP and even some Blue Dog Democrats, despite the media's pro-Obama bias -- conceded by 
fellow Democrats and studies and media bigwigs -- ABC News simply insists that it has the capacity to be fair.  And it will demonstrate its fairness by . . .  shutting out any voice but Obama's.  Yeah, that makes sense.

Just wondering: What would be so bad with giving some time to opposing views, as well as to Obama?  What is ABC so afraid of -- isn't the news supposed to be about informing the public?  Or is it about pushing Obama's agenda?

No wonder the public trust in media is declining.  Americans recognize a rigged game when they see one.

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