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What Weakness Breeds

North Korea isn't interested in further "dialogue" with Barack Obama or anyone else -- its leader is interested in developing nuclear weapons with which to threaten the world.

Iran sees Obama's "unclenched fist" as nothing more than an opportunity -- to develop nuclear weapons.  And it has been encouraged by Obama's "soft touch" to behave with unprecedented aggression.

No doubt both countries have leaders who are insane and/or deeply inimical to this country, and the problems they represent are difficult.  But is there anyone who doesn't believe that they have been incited to further boldness by the apologies and the apparent weakness of America's president?

Allowing those like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jung Il to thumb their nose at the US with impunity not only makes America (and the world) less safe -- it means that our country also loses the ability to work effectively with allies, who realize that so long as we dither and kowtow to world wrongdoers (and destabilizers), we can't be depended upon either to acknowledge or defend their legitimate interests.

George W. Bush may not have been as popular around the world as Obama -- but our enemies feared him, recognizing him as a man of action who was willing to defend the US and its interests vigorously.  Let's see what popularity gets us now.

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