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Putting It in Terms the Cultural Left Can Understand

With much of the cultural left, it all seems to always come down to condoms -- so let's put the swine flu issue in terms they can appreciate.

Janet Napolitano says that because swine flu is already in the United States, there's little point to closing the border

But, as a caller to  Hugh Hewitt's radio show pointed out last night, isn't that a little bit like saying that, because HIV is already out in the general population, there's no point in urging people to wear condoms?

And now there's a dispute over whether the Department of Homeland Security has told agents at airports and the border not to wear gloves and masks to protect themselves from the swine flu.  Despite statements made by a different administration official yesterday that agents were told not to take protective measures unless someone appeared to be sick, DHS people are insisting they didn't say the agents couldn't wear masks.

That's good, of course.  Because otherwise, it would be like advising people to wear condoms only when becoming intimate with people who "look" like they pose an STD risk.

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