Warranteeing Your Life

Posted: Apr 03, 2009 3:39 PM
Charles Krauthammer explains -- correctly, in my view -- that President Obama's primary focus isn't really to take over private corporations like GM.  Rather, it's even more sweeping: He hopes to rewrite the social contract between Americans and their government, and to impose "equality" even at the cost of freedom and opportunity.

Interestingly, Krauthammer hearkens back to an exchange between Charlie Gibson and Obama during one of the Democratic primary debates in April of '08 -- a comment I discussed here at the time Obama made it.  I wrote:

So which is it, Barack?  Is the purpose of taxation so that the government can collect money, or is it to impose some kind of collectivist notion of "fairness"?  We need some clarification, please.

As Krauthammer points out today, I fear we have our answer.