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The Soros Connection

The '90's saw plenty of stories like this one, a WaPo piece dubbing Richard Mellon Scaife "the funding father of the right."

What isn't clear to me is why there's so much less coverage of George Soros, who makes Scaife at his peak look like a piker.  He's a devotee of the hard left, who has for some time been unloading unbelievable amounts of money to advance the left-liberal agenda.

His multiple ties to President-elect Obama are deserving of press scrutiny that, frankly, I doubt they will get.  And today, it's being reported that he's helping Al Franken raise money for his recount.

What, to me, is particularly grating is the fact that George Soros is not a US citizen.  So, in essence, he's instrumental in helping others formulate policies and create laws under which he himself will not have to live.

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