Redefining What Media "Counts"

Posted: Nov 10, 2008 4:40 PM
As Amanda notes below, Mark Halperin admits that the media was in the tank for Obama.   He's got company -- the Washington Post's ombudsman has admitted the same thing.

It's well for conservatives to keep all this in mind, and simply concede that there will never be a "level playing field" when it comes to the MSM.  It's amazing that the left has somehow managed to maintain the illusion that the rest of the media is objective, while Fox somehow tilts right.

But the lesson is instructive.  Next time, how 'bout a little less willingness to turn someone like Sarah Palin over to Katie Couric -- and make her available to Michelle Malkin or Laura Ingraham instead?  If there's news interest, the networks and the rest of the MSM will have to report the conversation, and there won't be the "gotcha" issues that continued throughout this campaign.  It's worth making the point, in fact, that Ingaham or Malkin are no more biased than Gibson, say, or Couric -- they're just more honest about where their biases lie.

The public understands the extent to which the press carried Obama's water.  That means it's a perfect time for conservatives to build on that realization to make strides in esablishing an alternate media pipeline with credibility equal to that enjoyed by the MSM.