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The (Ugly) Shape of Things to Come

Barney Frank has let the cat out of the bag about the Democrats' plans if they control all three branches of government.

Ready?  Here it comes:

1.    A 25% cut in military expenditures

2.    Tax increases

3.    More federal money to subsidize healthcare expenses, food stamps and extended unemployment benefits.

It's a far-left liberal's dream package.

Don't say the Democrats didn't warn us that they'll be trying to turn a recession into a depression.   And would anyone have ever dreamed that the Congress would try to take another holiday from history by eviscerating our military just seven years after 9/11?

Anyone who thinks that a President Obama -- the most liberal senator in the US Senate -- is going to resist such bills is dreaming.  Either he'll happily sign them, or he'll get rolled by his colleagues with experience.

Happy Friday evening.



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