Baracks "Community Organizer" Ties to the Mortgage Mess

Posted: Sep 29, 2008 12:20 PM
Stanley Kurtz details Barack's ties to the mortgage mess -- through left-wing groups like ACORN, to whom he's had extensive ties.

The piece also offers an opportunity to set the record straight about "community organizers."  Unlike, say, many other kinds of work -- from plumbing to lawyering to ministry -- being a "community organizer" isn't politically neutral.  Nor is it like many other jobs -- like, say, activism generally, or serving in politics -- where it's inherently political, but may be either liberal or conservative.

No, "community organizing" is best understood as a euphemism for "radical incitement."  Community organizers try to effect (leftward) "change" through stirring up anger and discontent among their clients, so that the clients are willing to confront "the man"  (which, in varying contexts, may be federal, state, or local government; or some business).  The goal is never to be left alone by government; it's always to obtain more tax money to achieve a left-wing goal. 
In radical terms, in short, it's a way to encourage the "proletariat" to rise up against their "oppressors."

Anyone who disputes this definition should, please, provide an example of a moderate or conservative "community organizer."