"Generous Joe"

Posted: Sep 14, 2008 10:02 PM
According to this Bloomberg report, Joe Biden has given an average of $369 per year to charity over the last decade.  That comes out to about .2% of their annual income -- and percentage wise, less than the princely $353 per year that Al Gore was found to have been donating when his income was $197,729.

Please spare me the protestation that, after all, Biden is the least wealthy U.S. senator.  Together, Senator and Mrs. Biden earned  $319,853 in adjusted gross income last year.  According to Barack, that makes them "rich."  He plans to raise the Bidens' taxes, and not just a little.  So how is it that someone who has voluntarily given an average of $369 yearly in charitable donations is A-OK with being coerced by an Obama administration to pay much more than that in taxes?

Update: Jeff Jacoby offers a tutorial on the Obama tax plan -- and explains the important distinction between payouts that are forced (i.e., taxes) and those that are voluntary.  Biden oughta "look into it."

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