Sexism Only a Problem When It's Directed At Hillary?

Posted: Sep 10, 2008 3:13 PM
As Ben Smith reports, CBS has forced McCain to take down an ad on the grounds that it's misleading.

The ad quotes Katie Couric denouncing the existence of sexism in the presidential campaign, applying the words to the treatment of Sarah Palin.  CBS suggests it's "misleading," of course,  because Couric actually was sympathizing with the plight of . . . Hillary Clinton.  Of course.

The sexism that greeted Hillary was much, much worse than what Sarah Palin's encountered.  Remember how the press suggested that Hillary couldn't do her job because she's a mom?  Or suggested she had put her unborn child at risk?  Or argued that as a result of her candidacy, American women would be "cringing for our sister"?  Or called her a pigRiiight.

Count CBS and/or Couric as members in good standing on the feminist animal farm -- where sexism is denounced, but only when it's directed against a liberal, pro-choice woman.