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Palin's Approach to Motherhood

Casting aside any hesitation it might once have had about probing the intimate details of a family's personal life, The New York Times/International Herald Tribune
has run a story on Sarah Palin's approach to motherhood and her pregnancy with son Trig.

Perhaps there's something in the story that will send the sensibilities of the left reeling, but I really liked it -- especially Governor Palin's reported approach to simultaneous motherhood and governing.  She combines both in a completely integral way.  That makes sense, of course, because high government office is, actually, a little bit like motherhood in one limited way.  For moms and governors (and presidents and veeps, for that matter), your job isn't just what you do . . . it's who you are.  Governor Palin gets it.

It's hard to overstate my admiration for the way she handled her pregnancy and her son's diagnosis with Down syndrome.  For any older pregnant mother these days, there is a whole battery of tests and well-meaning medical personnel that -- from a pregnancy's outset -- send a message that bearing a supposedly "imperfect" baby would be a misguided tragedy of epic proportions.  She didn't listen to all that, and as a result, the world is getting the opportunity to see first-hand that Down syndrome babies bring blessings to accompany all the challenges, a message that's well worth keeping in mind.  

As for those who have criticized the Governor's return to work after three days, it strikes me that, more than anything, that decision was a reflection of her determination that the people of Alaska shouldn't be paying her to take three month's off from the business they had elected her to do.

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