She Did It!

Posted: Sep 03, 2008 11:39 PM
There's really  nothing to add to the accolades flowing from all sides -- except to say that Sarah Palin is everything one could hope for in a female Republican.

There was no bitterness, no defensiveness, no explanations about her family that would have humilated or embarrassed anyone.  Sarah Palin is nobody's victim.  She simply told us who she is, what she believes -- and then she took it to Barack Obama in a style and with panache that a much more seasoned politician would have envied.  It's no easy task, especially for a woman, to draw blood with a smile. She did it, and remained extraordinarily likable.

Barack isn't the only person in this race who can give a speech.   Hillary Clinton isn't the only formidable female politician on the national scene.

Sarah Palin is a presonal with small town values but the intellect and toughness to thrive on a national and international stage.  She's a leader of conviction and  a proud wife and mother.  And you can tell she really can do it all, as well as it's humanly possible.  Magnificent.  Just magnificent.