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It's All About the "Experience"

Barack Obama thinks that his experience with natural disasters -- manifested by  the "legislation I’ve passed in the past couple of years, post-Katrina” is greater than Governor Palin's.  What legislation would that be, Senator?  And keep in mind: Voting for a bill in the US Senate isn't the same as running a state or a town's natural disaster response teams.

He also compared heading a campaign comprised of 2500 employees to Governor Palin's experience -- as a local mayor!  Unfortunately for him, unless he's managing a campaign with a $2.5 billion budget, then he's outranked by what she's managing on behalf of the people of Alaska.  

As for the number of employees, she's got him there, too.  He's got 2500 in his capaign.  She's got many more in the state bureaucracy.  In fact, 10 times as many -- 25,000.

Talk about the "audacity of hype."

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