Another Idea for John McCain

Posted: Aug 31, 2008 4:04 PM
As we all say prayers for the safety of those threatened by Gustav, let's hope John McCain keeps Matt's idea in mind -- it's a good one.

Here's another that I've been mulling for several days.   To keep the momentum coming once -- God willing -- Gustav has come and gone, how about John McCain naming several proposed members of his cabinet?

What about sending Secretary of the Treasury nominee Mitt Romney to Michigan for the next two months?  How about a Secretary of State or Defense-designate Lieberman campaigning in Florida?

One of the virtues of experience is being able to assemble a first-rate team without undue sturm und drang.  It would be interesting to see if Barack Obama would -- or could -- be willing, as well, to give Americans a glimpse into the type of people he'd want heading two of the most important posts in the federal government.