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Judgment About Judgment

I wrote last night about the distortions of the facts that were necessary to offer Barack any kind of aura of legislative accomplishment.  It's nothing short of remarkble that even his running mate could find so little of substance to praise about Barack's senatorial record.

But there's another point worth making about Biden's talk.  In it, of course, he asserted that Barack's judgment was superior to that of John McCain.  OK, laughable on its face, given that the gravamen of Barack's claim to "judgment" rests on his initial opposition to the Iraq war -- when as an Illinois state senator, he had none of the intelligence that led most Democrat senators, including Biden himself, to believe that  the war was necessary.  (Now, no doubt, Democrats would have us believe that  the Obamessiah somehow knew that our intelligence, as with that around the world, was wrong about Saddam's stockpiles of WMD.)  

Enough about Barack's judgment, however.  Given that Biden was put on the ticket to add foreign policy gravitas, what about his judgment?  He opposed the first Gulf war, supported the second.  He concluded that Barack wasn't ready to be president, and that he was "honored to run either with or against John McCain."

Now he tells us that Barack is ready to be President -- and that John McCain lacks "judgment".  Is Biden really credible as someone capable of forming sound "judgments" about "judgment"?


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