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I have written  before about Barack's political efforts to minimize his record of hard left support for abortion rights and why he apparently (correctly) believes that these efforts are necessary.

Today, David Freddoso, writing at NRO, offers more details about Barack's hearty support for abortion rights -- including the fact that he was the only member of the Illinois state senate to speak in opposition to legislation that would have recognized premature babies, born alive after attempts to abort them, as "persons."

As I noted in my piece, Barack's explanation that he opposed the law because he feared it would undermine Roe v. Wade doesn't hold water.  As a constitutional law professor knows, no state law is going to trump or supercede a Supreme Court decision legislating (as in the case of Roe) abortion rights.

Some on the left would like us to believe that very, very few babies actually survive attempts to abort them.  Well, it does happen -- as this story running currently on the Drudge Report only highlights.  In Barack Obama's America, it is, apparently, acceptable to leave those babies to die.


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