Obama's Tax Plan: War on Married Women, or Just Pro-Single Mother?

Posted: Aug 14, 2008 12:09 PM
The New York Sun makes an excellent point about Barack's tax plan.

Its alleged structure -- promising no tax increases to married people making less than $250k per year and single people making less than $200k per year -- means that a single woman making just slightly less than $200k per year won't experience a tax increase.  But if that same woman marries (and is the second income in her household), she'll fork over 54% of what she makes to the government.

So which is it: Is Barack trying to discourage married women from working -- a policy that would entail screams of outrage if conservatives advocated it -- or is he trying to discourage women from marrying at all (thereby increasing the incidence of single motherhood)?

Wonder how the PUMA's feel about this one . . .