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Now You Love Him . . . Now You Don't

The Democrats who appear in an ad praising Senator McCain are now blasting him for using their own words against them.

Most noteworthy, of course, is the denunciation of Francophile Jacques Kerry (a man who does, indeed, know
a little something about flip-flopping).  He's clearly the most dishonorable of the lot, having not only sought to put John McCain on his presidential ticket four years ago, but also having benefited from McCain's defense of his military service back in 2004.

The larger point about the ad, of course, is that it helps McCain with independents -- and, as a big bonus -- makes Democrats look like hypocrites when they come out now to denounce him.  It raises the question: Was their praise then insincere, or is it their condemnation now that should be discounted?

McCain wasn't my first choice.  Among other reasons, that was because so many liberals liked him so much.  But now that he's the nominee, it's entertaining to watch them try to squirm out from under the accolades they offered when McCain was a burr under Republicans' saddles, rather than theirs.

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