Happy Anniversary, Rush!

Posted: Aug 01, 2008 3:37 PM
Matt has already posted below about it being Rush Limbaugh's twentieth anniversary, and the phone call from Presidents Bush 41 & 43, as well as Gov. Jeb Bush.  It just seemed worth taking a moment to add a few words of tribute. 

With the deaths of Ronald Reagan and Bill Buckley, Rush Limbaugh stands tall as the single living American who has done the most to popularize and disseminate conservative ideas in  modern years.  But his contributions haven't only been substantive -- they also extend to the fact that he singlehandedly remade the entire media genre of talk radio.  There isn't an opinion talk show host, left or right, who hasn't been influenced by what Rush has done and the way he has done it.  And he's made it look easy, and fun.

He is a genius, and he's a blessing to America.  May he continue to do what he does so brilliantly for many, many years to come.