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EgObamania Rears Its Ugly Head

Some time ago, it seemed clear from emerging trends in press coverage that the meme of EgObamania presented a potential threat to Barack's campaign, as I noted here, back in March
, and also here, more recently.

Well, Dana Milbank has picked up the theme -- in a column titled "President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour" -- and run with it like an Olympic track star.  What's truly remarkable is how quickly the press can turn on a candidate that it has lionized.

Perhaps the reason for the increasingly hostile coverage lies in a sentence at the end of a paragraph deep in Milbanks piece: "[T]here are signs that the Obama campaign's arrogance has begun to anger reporters."

What kind of ineptitude does it take to turn a press contingent once panting with adoration into a vicious pack of attack dogs?  Could it be one more sign that the Obama campaign isn't quite ready for prime time?

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