Bringing "Light Unto the World"

Posted: Jul 25, 2008 9:55 AM
British commentator Gerard Baker skewers the Obamessiah this morning in the Times of London.

Watching news footage of Barack's Berlin speech last night, it wasn't just his reference to being a "citizen of the world" (a goo-goo term particularly beloved by the left) that irked me.

Rather, it was the sheer presumptuousness of an American presidential candidate apologizing for his country not having "perfected itself."  No doubt, if Barack is elected, we'll all get to do plenty of bowing and scraping before the likes of Germany and France -- with apologies to everyone simply for existing, using energy and (as he implicitly did yesterday) presuming to remove a dictator whom the entire world believed to have weapons of mass destruction and trying to bring a second stable, democratic government to the Middle East.

But he's not president yet.  There's a formality known as an "election," and it strikes me that Barack overstepped by seeking to elicit the impression that he was speaking as much, much more than another U.S. senator.  How 'bout winning the election before presuming to represent America to the rest of the world?