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More Obama Obfuscation

This account of Michelle Obama's talk with gay and lesbian Democrats offers another example of the Obama campaign wanting it both ways.

The Illinois senator opposes same-sex marriage
, the piece reports.

But wait a minute . . . [Michelle Obama] said [Barack] supported a complete repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, which . . .  upholds states’ rights not to honor same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Given that California has already instituted gay marriage, how can any principled opponent of same sex marriage support DOMA's repeal?  Without DOMA, the law would require every state in the union to recognize gay marriage.  In other words, gay marriage would go national.

There's no way that one can support DOMA's repeal and oppose gay marriage -- unless, of course, one is trying to look like a moderate while actually being anything but.


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