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Wishful Thinking?

Today, the SF Chronicle runs a piece about supposedly Republican women who intend to support Barack Obama.

Please give me a break.  They quote Susan Eisenhower in a way that conveys the impression that she's rejected McCain for Obama (she "said Wednesday she is backing Obama over McCain because the Democrat has shown more understanding of how the Iraq war, the economy and other key issues affect women's daily lives.").  The fact is that she
endorsed Obama back in February before a GOP nominee had even been settled upon because of her sense that he "can encourage ordinary Americans to stand straight again; he is a man who can salve our national wounds and both inspire and pursue genuine bipartisan cooperation."

Another woman the story highlights is Harriett Stinson, the head of Republicans for Choice.  Wow -- pro-choicers oppose John McCain?  That's a shock!

Finally, Jillian Manus-Salzman, who's identified as "a leading California Republican activist and generous GOP donor in the nation's most populous state, an ATM for presidential campaigns" (and who is, indeed, all of these things) says that she cannot vote for McCain.  Again, shocker.  She's a supporter of The Wish List, which identifies itself as an organization dedicated to "the recruitment, training and election of pro-choice Republican women."

So which of the other Republicans would these ladies have supported?  None, of course.

When the piece finds a typical Republican female voter who is uniquely repelled by John McCain and wowed by Barack Obama, then I'll be convinced.  But I suspect that, as more of them become acquainted with the Obama team, many of America's women conclude that while Winnie the Pooh is suitable bedtime reading for children, it's not an appropriate philosophy to guide US foreign policy.


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