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So Where's the "Change"?

The Middle East Media Research Institute, citing the London edition of Al- Hayat, had this interesting tidbit:

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign managers had reassured Baghdad that if Obama is elected he will not dramatically change Washington's policy towards Iraq and will take into account the opinions of the commanders in the field.

So what's the story?  Is the Obama campaign telling its leftist constituents one thing -- that we will "immediately begin to remove" our troops from Iraq -- but then whispering something completely different to the Iraqi government?

And if so, haven't we seen this movie before, with the whole Obama-Canada-Nafta debacle?  On the one hand, the Obama team tells the left what it wants to hear; on the other, the Obama team tells the countries that would be affected by his purported policies just to pay him no mind.

Way to "rebuild" our credibility abroad, right?  After all, one can fault George W. for some things, but being two-faced and unclear about where America stands on any given issue certainly isn't one of them.

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