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Just Wondering . . .

I have always liked Caroline Kennedy.  She's been a private person who's handled herself with dignity and grace through good times and bad.

But at the risk of seeming ungenerous, it's worth asking why, exactly, she is part of the Obama's (once) tripartite veep vetting process -- that's right, the one that also includes Eric Holder, who signed off on pardoning Marc Rich, and now-resigned Jim Johnson. 

Here is her bio.  Caroline Kennedy is a well-educated attorney and a published author, who has participated in a number of charitable endeavors, many related to her status as JFK's daughter.  She's lived a worthy life and has many achievements.  None, however, would indicate that she'd be a natural choice for a veep vetting committee.

Does Barack's own inexperience lead him to believe that experience, as a general matter, isn't terribly important when it comes to filling such posts?  Was it her status as a woman?  Or was it an effort to identify himself with the Kennedys?

Or, if she was chosen simply on the merits and non-practicing attorneys/authors are now considered prime veep vetting material, I'm hereby announcing my availability to help out the McCain team . . .

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