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Abortion's Unintended Consequences

There's plenty of indications that Barack Obama hangs with a pretty radical crowd and that he has some "interesting" ideas about foreign policy -- talking to Ahmadinejad without conditions, for one.

But it's hard to come up with a better example of just how far left Barack is than his opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (link system isn't working here, will try to update later), intended explicitly to safeguard the lives of babies who somehow survived abortions.  

Today, John Lott comes up with some interesting data about the unintended consequences of the abortion "rights" Barack Obama has so zealously guarded -- including illegitimacy, single parent families and the host of social problems that often accompany them.  Notably, African-American families often suffer the most.

If Barack isn't moved by the drive to protect an unwanted, newborn infant who has somehow escaped being aborted by his or her mother, might the hard statistic and sociological facts perhaps have some influence on him?


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