Left-Sided Tolerance?

Posted: May 29, 2008 10:30 PM
As Hugh Hewitt notes below, another radical, race-baiting reverend has been hand-in-glove with Barack -- this time, it's a white priest by the name of Michael Pfleger.

The reporting on Pfleger casts a new and disturbing light on Barack Obama.  It had been my belief that his relationship with Jeremiah Wright might well have been forged through his wife, who seems to share Wright's dark vision of America -- especially because everyone knows that a clergyman doesn't marry a couple and then baptize their children unless the wife/mother is very comfortable with him.

But Pfleger is a whole other story, and it suggests, disturbingly, that Barack either agrees with -- or is all too willing to tolerate -- radical racial hate speech from the left.  It's clear that Barack has accepted contributions from Pfleger, accepted his endorsement (although James Taranto reports that the campaign has since suppressed it) and directed a whole lot of Illinois taxpayers' money to Pfleger's projects.

No doubt Barack will tell us that he supported Pfleger's good works, not his radical race-baiting.  OK; there's a way to test that claim.  Has Barack sought to support any good works by conservative pastors with whom he disagrees? 

Or does his tolerance for ideas he claims he doesn't share extend only to the left side?