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It Must Be His Age . . . and Inexperience

ABC News' Jake Tapper points out that Barack Obama has been a "one-man gaffe machine" (after, incidentally, Michelle Malkin made the same point last week).

Remember all the righteous media huffing and puffing over John McCain's one "Islamic extremist"/Al Qaeda gaffe?  Well, it seems that it's taken several gaffes ("of consequence" as Tapper puts it) to prod the MSM into reporting that Barack misspeaks -- and on a fairly regular basis.

Here's just one, easily reported example from Tapper's piece:

As ABC News' David Wright and Sunlen Miller wrote, Obama seemed to either think Arabic is spoken in Afghanistan or he misunderstands the nature of military translators.

Imagine if McCain -- or any Republican -- had made such an error.  Most Republicans would be characterized as ignorant chicken-hawks.  In McCain's case, of course, it would be suggested that he's knee-deep into senility because of his age.

Well, maybe Barack's gaffe-proneness is attributable to his age, too . . . as well as to a heaping helping of inexperience.

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