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Quite a Celebration!

Life is lovely here outside L.A., but one of the downsides (aside from the fact that it takes an hour to get across town to a TV studio!) is that too often, you miss wonderful occasions like the 20th anniversary celebration for Elayne Bennett's Best Friends Foundation.


Luckily, the Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez has covered it here.

The success of Best Friends has played a significant role in proving that young people thrive when they are offered "abstinence education" that is at once deeper and more transcendant than "don't do it or you'll get pregnant or contract an STD."  When sex education becomes about something more than putting condoms on bananas -- and treated as a part of overall character education -- the results are amazing.

President and founder Elayne Bennett's motto for the Best Friends Foundation is: We must offer our children our best.  If we do, they will surely respond with their best.

She is so right.  We get what we expect from our children. 

God bless Elayne Bennett for her hard work and high expectations.  They have made a great difference in the lives of so many.

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