Learning a Life Lesson?

Posted: May 02, 2008 11:55 AM
Below, Michael Medved observes that "[Barack's] startling inability to work with his own former pastor to prevent serious damage to his campaign hardly inspires confidence in his capacity to unite Democrats, deal with a fractious Congress, or cope with foreign powers."

True enough; but what Obama may not have realized until now is that it's, in fact, impossible to "work with" his former "spiritual advisor" -- because Wright is simply a nut.

Could this entire episode be a valuable lesson to a candidate who seems to cherish boundless optimism about the power of sweet reason to win over our adversaries in the world?  In other words, might Barack be learning that there are some people out there who simply aren't rational -- and from that, getting the sense that "sitting down" with such people isn't likely to achieve anything but a propaganda coup for them?