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A Tough Question to Ask

As I've noted below, someone needs to page Bill Cosby -- or some other African American notable with the courage to step forward and disclaim Rev. Wright's assertions that denunciation of him is tantamount to denouncing the black church (along with all his other nuttery).  If Barack Obama
really wanted to make history and advance the cause of race relations in this country, he could do it himself and call on other black leaders to join him.  We would quickly see who, among America's black leadership, still holds to Dr. Martin Luther King's vision, and who has trashed it for the bitterness and division peddled by those like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton.

And speaking of Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright isn't the only African American "leader" giving Barack Obama a headache.  Sharpton today is denouncing Barack for "grandstanding in front of white people" -- just because Barack has called for nonviolent protest in the wake of the Sean Bell verdict that so displeased Sharpton.

It's a tough question to ask, but is it possible that both men, supposedly on Barack's side, are actually profoundly uncomfortable with the prospect of his clinching the Democratic nomination (and possibly the presidency) -- one, because it will invalidate his racism-infused view of the world, and the other, out of sheer jealousy?

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