Out of Control

Posted: Apr 28, 2008 12:49 PM
Video of Jeremiah Wright's speech to the NAACP is here.

Barack Obama's people have to be losing it.  The speech is absolutely beyond belief in its embrace of discredited, divisive racial ideas.

How ironic -- and really, how sad.  The magical myth of Barack Obama's candidacy was the promise of him being a leader around whom the United States could unite without reference to race, thereby taking an enormous step forward to heal longstanding racial scars.

Now, thanks to Wright, it appears that the scabs on a lot of racial wounds are being ripped open, and even perhaps deepened.  

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Barack himself conceded that his relationship with Wright was a legitimate political issue.

Americans are left wondering: How could a man who seems so reasonable and so likable embrace a race-baiting radical like Jeremiah Wright for 20 years?  What does that reflect about Barack's inner life -- and does it mean that there is a side to him that we're not seeing?

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