Destroying America's Schools

Posted: Apr 26, 2008 12:06 PM
Today, the LA Times reports that many of the students stuck in its failing public schools are clinically depressed.

But to the north, one reads that a parent taking issue with students simply being informed during school hours of the Good News Club, an after-school evangelical fellowship.  (Yes, that's the problem with America's schools -- too much religion!).

And Investors Business Daily reminds us of the out of the mainstream views of academics across the country -- most prominently, at the moment, former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, now a professor of "education."

It's hard not to conclude that the left has done a lot to destroy the system that's supposed to educate the children they claim to "care" so much about.

No doubt the destruction is inadvertent and unintended, but it's nonetheless convenient for the left.  After all, an ignorant and uneducated populace -- brought up without any common cultural or religious values -- is ripe for exploitation and "leadership" by the leftist elites that make up so much of the education "establishment."