Yes, Please

Posted: Apr 24, 2008 9:46 AM
I love Steven Stark's idea that Democrats should draft Al Gore.

Perfect.  It would reveal the Democrats' "identity politics" as nothing more than what they've been -- a cynical way to sow gender and class division for their own political gain.  What else would the party's women and African Americans be able to conclude, in all fairness?

For years, Democrats have told them that theirs is the party of inclusion.  Then, when it finally appears that either a woman or an African American is poised to lead the ticket for the first time in history, party elites decide that s/he can't win, and call in a white man.

So much for the Dems' glorious primary season with two dazzling, can't-lose candidates.  Remember all the gloating MSM coverage about how optimistic and thrilled Democrats were with their presidential choices, compared to the glum and disgruntled Republicans?