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Let's "Nip" This One in the Bud

The whole "controversy" over the woman who was forced to remove her nipple rings at the airport because they set off TSA alarms is ridiculous.

No one is challenging her "right" to "express" herself by inserting metal piercings into her breasts.  But her prerogatives aren't unlimited.  They end, and abruptly, at the point when they trigger alarms that indicate closer TSA scrutiny is needed.

Certainly, Americans should be treated with courtesy and respect by their employees at the TSA.  But everyone else's right to be as secure as possible from terrorist attacks on aircrafts shouldn't be sacrificed by even a scintilla to indulge one woman's idiosyncratic decision to obtain body piercings in a private area.

Let's hope this one is laughed out of court pronto -- if it gets there.

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