Congratulations, Senator McCain

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 9:57 PM
John McCain has won the nomination, and is making a speech that implicitly acknowledges that this may be the best chance he gets for many months to come to make his case to the American people in his own words.

I haven't been a fan of John McCain's.   Campaign finance "reform" has been a travesty for the First Amendment, the immigration "reform" he offered was execrable, his work with the Gang of 14 and on terrorist detainees has been deserving of criticism.

But with all his faults, he is the only candidate remaining in this race who really understands the stakes in the war on terror, and the only one who's prepared and willing to make the tough decisions that will be required to defeat the Islamofascists.  Anyone who has insisted that there are real differences between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the war on terror -- and who believes it's vital not only to our security but to the future of the free world that we win -- has no choice but to join McCain's cause.