This Is Why YouTube Is Banning Videos of Trump's CPAC Speech

Posted: Mar 04, 2021 7:10 PM
This Is Why YouTube Is Banning Videos of Trump's CPAC Speech

Source: AP Photo/John Raoux

Big Tech's megalomania is only getting worse. On Thursday, the monopoly known as YouTube removed videos of former President Trump's recent speech before CPAC.

Trump gave a rousing speech before the annual conservative gathering on Sunday in which the former president blasted the new administration on a range of topics and hinted at another presidential run in 2024. It's a speech anyone interested in politics should be able to go back and watch. 

But according to Right Side Broadcasting News (RSBN), the tech giant removed the video of Trump's speech and suspended RSBN's account for two weeks. 

RSBN said the popular video was removed because the former president brought up the issue of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. 

"That's a big no-no on some platforms we stream to," RSBN tweeted. 

In subsequent tweets, RSBN also explained that YouTube's terms of service would have permitted the video to stay up had RSBN provided "countervailing viewpoints" to Trump's speech. 

"We try to follow the rules," RSBN tweeted. "Don’t air certain things that we normally would—but we won’t censor President Trump or push back against things he says that, quite frankly, we agree with."

RSBN reported that some major networks had their videos of the president's speech removed as well. But as far as those major networks receiving a two-week suspension: "Doubt it," tweeted RSBN. 

Big tech is putting a gun to the media's head and telling them what to report. Here's some food for thought these tech tyrants should ponder: