Patriots Are Protesting the Endless Lockdowns....In Switzerland

Posted: Feb 06, 2021 3:40 PM
Patriots Are Protesting the Endless Lockdowns....In Switzerland

Source: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

The seemingly endless restrictions on freedom are causing people to take to the streets, at least in Switzerland. About 500 protesters gathered in the Swiss city of Zug following the health minister's announcement that current coronavirus restrictions will remain in place until the end of February, perhaps longer if more infectious strains of the virus continue to spread. 

Protesters wore white protective suits as they marched against the country's lockdown measures. Switzerland tightened restrictions last month, limiting gatherings to five people, having employees work remotely when possible, closing nonessential stores and mandating face masks in stores that remain open. 

According to Reuters, the protesters in Zug chanted dystopian slogans and wore placards that read "Closeness is dangerous" and "Wearing a mask is modern slavery."

One protester said she was there on behalf of future generations. 

"I’m a grandmother," the woman said. "I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in a world where so much is forbidden."

"I want to make a statement, that the citizens are the ones who are in control, and the state should be there to serve its citizens," said a male protester. 

The Swiss have had far less restrictive measures than other places in the world, including in the United States. Schools in Switzerland have been allowed to stay open. In Austria, a country with tighter restrictions than Switzerland, about a thousand reopening protesters clashed with police in Vienna last week. 

When it comes to lockdowns and restrictions on liberty, it looks like some reach their breaking point a lot sooner than others.