Bill Maher's Comments on Left-Wing Rioters May Surprise You

Posted: Jan 30, 2021 7:35 PM
Bill Maher's Comments on Left-Wing Rioters May Surprise You

Source: Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

The Democrats welcomed the endless rioting in places like Seattle and Portland last year. But now that the buck stops at Joe Biden's desk, liberals like HBO's Bill Maher are telling rioters they're no longer needed and it's time to go back to their parents' homes. 

Democrats were cool with letting their lunatics riot for months during an election year. But now that the election is over, the riots are starting to make Joe Biden and the Democrats look bad. The nightly terrorizing of American cities, finally, must end. 

"Now that normality is back and there's at least a chance that government can function again, we need to be reminded of something really important," Maher continued, "that making progress, real progress that actually changes the lives of real people come mainly from dull, patient plotters who put in their 10,000 hours mastering the details of public service." 

I disagree. Lots of lives were changed by violent rioters last year. Some people died, some were beaten to a pulp, some lost their businesses, and who knows how many got COVID at the mass gatherings. 

But according to Maher, the once justified rioting is no longer. He's happy with the results of the election, so public servants should once again be entrusted to lead the way. 

Maher contrasted Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), someone who Maher sees as having toiled away in relative obscurity to effect real change, to the pointless antics of left-wing protesters.  

"It’s easy to spraypaint 'f*ck you' on a federal building," said Maher. "It’s a little harder to work inside and actually make sh*t happen." 

"People don’t live in the world of political philosophies and endless intersectional theorizing," Maher added.

As with any nuggets of wisdom in Maher's monologues, there's a lot of liberal nonsense in between, like when Maher said Republicans have to be forced to do the "right thing." Democrats do the "right thing" -- like drive-up homelessness, crime, and unemployment -- all on their own. 

But Maher's criticism of the rioters is spot on, could have used it months ago.