It Doesn't Look Like the Guard Is Leaving the Capital Anytime Soon

Posted: Jan 24, 2021 2:00 PM
It Doesn't Look Like the Guard Is Leaving the Capital Anytime Soon

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Democrats' abuse of the National Guard is unlikely to end anytime soon, according to a new report. Politico cites unidentified sources who say the Guard will likely remain in the nation's capital until the conclusion of former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. 

Sources say officials at the Pentagon are worried about another riot at the Capitol as the Senate prepares to hold the second impeachment trial against President Trump. The trial is expected to begin on Feb. 8.

Following an uneventful Inauguration Day, Guard members deployed to the capital are beginning to wonder why they are there.

"Quite frankly this is not a ‘combat zone,’ so combat conditions shouldn’t apply," an Afghanistan veteran currently deployed to the capital told Politico.

"There is no defined situation, or mission statement … This is very unusual for any military mission," added another member. "We are usually given a situation, with defined mission perimeters, and at least a tentative plan on how to execute those objectives."

The report says 7,000 Guard members will remain in D.C. until the trial gets underway. At that time, 2,000 troops will be withdrawn and the remainder will stay through to mid-March, according to Politico. 

Democrats have been accused of exploiting the Guard for political purposes. Thousands of Guard members were reportedly kicked out of the Capitol following the inauguration and told to take breaks in nearby hotels and parking garages. 

It's also been reported that hundreds of Guard members have tested positive for COVID-19 after being deployed to the capital.