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Exclusive: Oregon Doctor Who Lost Medical License Over Face Masks Is Fighting Back

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An Oregon doctor -- a physician, not a "Dr." Jill Biden -- lost his medical license after speaking out about face masks. What exactly did the doctor say about face masks? He said masks don't do much when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the same thing and didn't lose his medical license. But this isn't Dr. Fauci we're talking about. It's Dr. Steven LaTulippe, a retired Air Force officer and practicing physician for more than 20 years. 


The doctor spoke at a "Stop the Steal" rally on Nov. 7 in Salem, Oregon, made some heretical comments about face masks the Oregon Medical Board doesn't want people to hear, and a few weeks later the board suspended his license. A similar thing happened to Galileo. I would say the city of Salem is known for its witch trials, but it's the wrong Salem and LaTulippe never got a trial. 

The doctor's license was suspended after the medical board declared that LaTulippe "presents a serious danger to the public health and safety." The board claims the physician and his staff refused to wear face masks and encouraged patients to remove theirs as well. The doctor's clinic is also accused of failing to implement screening procedures upon entry to the premises. 

According to LaTulippe, the board's emergency suspension order is "riddled with misleading, deceptive, and fraudulent information." 

"For example, they claim that I have no detailed COVID-19 protocol," the doctor told Townhall. "I do have an excellent protocol that worked beautifully - no viral spread among my patients or staff, despite me never closing my clinic throughout the entire pandemic. They state 'there is no effective [COVID] treatment at this time,' yet every COVID patient I treated - about 100 - recovered very quickly (within about a week) and completely."

None of LaTulippe's patients required hospitalization and there were no deaths. The catalyst for the doctor's suspension appears to be his remarks before the Stop the Steal rally on Nov. 7, where the physician referred to the coronavirus as "a common cold virus that has been with us forever." 


"Please don't be duped. You have an immune system," the doctor told the crowd. "Don't let them put you in a state of fear. That is oppression." 

Following his remarks, the medical board sent a private investigator to the doctor's clinic. 

"Jason Carruth, who paid me a surprise visit the day prior to the Board suspending my license, reported to the Board gross inaccuracies regarding my office protocol," LaTulippe told Townhall. 

In addition, the doctor said the board's emergency suspension order, dated Dec. 3, "severely distorts true COVID scientific facts." 

"The World Health Organization’s own Danish study was initially withheld from publication because it showed exactly what I claim, that the mask is worthless as a barrier against viral disease transmission. Everything the Board cited regarding 'scientific evidence' is either false or grossly misleading," said LaTulippe. 

A new study comparing masked and non-masked counties in the state of Florida found non-masked counties had fewer coronavirus cases per 100,000 people than masked counties did. As Scott Morefield has asked, if face masks work, why aren't they working? 

Researchers retracted another study touting the effectiveness of mask mandates in slowing the spread of COVID-19 after researchers noticed areas in the study continued to experience increases in coronavirus cases. There is a reason it's called a "scientific consensus" and not "scientific unanimity." 


LaTulippe said he's very much interested in practicing "evidence-based medicine," just not the "politics-based medicine" currently in vogue in the medical community, especially in Oregon. 

During a surge in coronavirus cases in June, Oregon's top health officer, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, said the virus doesn't appear to spread at left-wing protests where people gathered in mass without face masks. 

"We have not seen any evidence of that," Sidelinger said at a news conference alongside Democrat Gov. Kate Brown.

Perhaps the state's top health officer should lose his medical license. Oregon's health officials are not listening to the "science." They are listening to CNN, and LaTulippe is determined to fight back. 

The doctor plans to seek legal relief in order to regain his medical license and, after that, sue the Oregon Medical Board.

"The full details of their errors, lies, and the unethical revoking of my license will be revealed soon," LaTulippe told Townhall. 

After the board suspended his license, medical insurance companies canceled his contracts and reassigned his patients. The doctor lost his diplomate status with the Board of Family Medicine, his privileges at Salem Hospital, and the doctor is losing his medical malpractice insurance at the end of the year. Even the Better Business Bureau warned LaTulippe that his suspension will sorely affect his standing with the bureau. 


"So far, they haven’t threatened to take away my birth certificate, but who knows...that may be next," LaTulippe told Townhall. "I’m keeping my eyes wide open for any hot branding irons."

While there are many Americans not buying the purported efficacy of face masks, not everyone ends up losing their livelihoods for their beliefs. Cancel culture is now canceling doctors who refuse to fall in line. At least Dr. LaTulippe is fighting back. 

A residency colleague of the doctor has set up a defense fund on his behalf.

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