WATCH: Raphael Warnock Dodged Some Important Questions in Sunday Night's Debate

Posted: Dec 06, 2020 9:22 PM

During a debate Sunday night, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) had the opportunity to ask her far-left opponent, Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock, about his previous praise of Marxism and income redistribution. 

Sen. Loefller gave Warnock the opportunity to come out and flatly renounce Marxism and socialism. He just couldn't do it.  

Her radical opponent repeatedly refused to rule out support for packing the Supreme Court. 

Sen. Loeffler went through a number of Warnock's attacks on police officers and members of the military. Warnock has called police officers "gangsters," "thugs," "and a threat to our children." He also said people can't serve God and join the military.

The senator questioned Warnock about the pastor's arrest in 2002 for allegedly obstructing a child abuse investigation at Douglas Memorial Community Church. Before Warnock joined Douglas Memorial Community Church, the pastor worked at New York's Abyssinian Baptist Church, which hosted communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 1995.

The senator's focus on her opponent's radicalism reflects the high stakes of Georgia's two Senate runoffs, which will determine what party controls the upper chamber of Congress. If Democrats win on Jan. 5, they gain control of the legislative branch, couple that with a Kamala Harris/Joe Biden presidency and there's little stopping Democrats from following through on threats to pack the courts, end the filibuster, and enact a far-left agenda that will turn the United States into the very Marxist and socialist hellholes Warnock can't bring himself to renounce.