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AP Photo/John Minchillo

Facebook banned two ads by the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Friday after The Dispatch, a third-party "fact checker," incorrectly claimed the ads to be false. The ads expose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' extreme position on gruesome late-term abortions. After uproar over the latest instance of Big Tech censorship, The Dispatch now says the ads were correct after all. Oops. 


The censored ads correctly note Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are abortion extremists who along with the Democrat Party support tax-payer funded abortion up to the moment of birth and believe babies who survive abortions should be left to die.

"The fact-check was published in error and in draft form, before it had been through final edits and our own internal fact-checking process," The Dispatch Founder and Never Trumper Chris Hayes said in an apology. "As a result, the viral post was assigned a 'partly false' rating that we have determined is not justified after completing The Dispatch fact-checking process."

The Dispatch goes on to say that they regret the "error" and have lifted the negative rating.

"Big Tech and the media are teaming up to run interference for the Biden-Harris campaign on what is a losing issue for Democrats – their shameful support for abortion on demand through birth," said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. "This is the latest example of Facebook censoring political speech and is perfectly timed to shut down SBA List’s vital digital communications as we work to reach eight million voters in key battlegrounds in the final days before Election Day."

Facebook shut down similar pro-life ads in 2018 only to later admit the ads were wrongly censored and apologized. 

"Now they have outsourced their censorship to the anti-Trump press, continually waging a suppression campaign specifically targeting pro-life conservative voices," said Dannenfelser. "We refuse to be silenced."


In a letter, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted Facebook for yet another instance of censorship this week by the social media giant. 

"All of this, no doubt, is part of an increasingly troubling pattern: it has become abundantly clear that Facebook is targeting voices that dissent from the national media’s progressive consensus," wrote Sen. Hawley. "Suppressing distribution of the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden corruption allegations, it appears, was just the beginning."

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Tuesday to subpoena Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for emergency testimony before the committee to answer questions regarding censorship and election interference. 

Meanwhile, here's the truth about the Biden-Harris position on abortion that Facebook doesn't want voters to see. 

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