Trump Explains How Democrats Became Anti-Vaxxers

Posted: Sep 16, 2020 9:10 PM
Trump Explains How Democrats Became Anti-Vaxxers

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It appears Trump Derangement Syndrome will be the biggest obstacle to getting the lifesaving coronavirus vaccine in the hands of individuals who need it most. At a White House briefing on Wednesday, President Trump explained why Democrats are waging war on science and how they've become dangerous anti-vaxxers amid the deadly pandemic.

President Trump knows Democrats want everything closed until November 3rd, the day Democrats hope Americans will be so sick of life under President Trump that they'd vote for anybody, even a senile, creepy old guy who is really nothing more than a Trojan horse candidate for the Marxist/socialist wing of the Democrat Party. 

"I will say this is a phenomenon that only happened when they realized that we may very well have the vaccine prior to a certain very important date, namely November 3rd," Trump told reporters. "Just to show you how bad the intention is, they started knocking the vaccine. It had nothing to do with the vaccine. It was totally made up. It's all disinformation."

President Trump has made the development of a vaccine a top priority, a fool's errand said Democrats because they thought a vaccine would take too long to develop. Instead of Operation Warp Speed, where the Trump administration has fast-tracked the development of a vaccine and therapeutics for COVID-19, Democrats relentlessly told us that we should do nothing more than "testing, testing, testing" -- that way Democrats could really boost the death toll as they gaslight the American people into believing Trump is somehow responsible for the disastrous policies of blue-state Democrats, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who sent infected COVID-patients into nursing homes. 

While President Trump was restricting travel to China in the early days of the pandemic, Democrats were denouncing the restrictions as "racists" and "xenophobic," running their impeachment hoax in Congress, and encouraging the American people to come on down to Chinatown. 

"This story is very simple. They started knocking the vaccine as soon as they heard that this may actually come out prior to the election," Trump explained. "Now, it may or may not, but it'll be within a matter of weeks ... from November."

Before the president spoke, Dr. Scott Atlas, a White House Coronavirus Task Force adviser, blasted the media for putting politics ahead of saving lives. 

"It's particularly heinous," began Dr. Atlas, "an egregious abuse of the media to instill fear into people about taking a vaccine because there is no shortcut here. Everything is safe. Everything is effective, and for people who have particularly an influence on minority communities, to instill fear and doubt is particularly an outrageous abuse of public policy and leadership. These are people who have higher risk, and so I implore everybody who is in a high-risk category that when we get a safe and effective vaccine, they should take the vaccine."

President Trump also slammed Joe Biden for questioning the vaccine's safety. 

"I'm calling on Biden to stop promoting his anti-vaccine theories because all they're doing is hurting the importance of what we're doing," Trump said. 

For her part, vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has encouraged Americans not to take the vaccine once it becomes available because she "doesn't trust Donald Trump."

These people are sick.