Tech Giants, Big Business Urge Trump to Keep DACA

Posted: Jul 11, 2020 5:40 PM
Tech Giants, Big Business Urge Trump to Keep DACA

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

A day after President Trump announced a forthcoming executive order that would create a "road to citizenship" for DACA recipients, big tech giants and other large companies sent a letter to the White House imploring the president to keep the program.  

The letter came from the Coalition for the American Dream, an organization of "business leaders" who support a "permanent legislative solution for Dreamers." After the DREAM Act failed to pass Congress, Obama used an executive branch memorandum to unilaterally turn the failed legislation into a reality. Candidate Trump campaigned in 2015 and 2016 on terminating the program, telling NBC's Chuck Todd in an interview that the DACA recipients "have to go." Many credit the president's 2016 victory to his hardline stance on immigration. 

The letter was signed by over 140 companies and trade associations, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and large tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. 

"As large American employers and employer organizations, we strongly urge you to leave the DACA program in place," the letter states. "DACA recipients have been critical members of our workforce, industries, and communities for years now, and they have abided by the laws and regulations of our country in order to maintain their DACA status."

But on Friday, President Trump said he was willing to provide amnesty for the DACA recipients, something the Coalition for the American Dream was pursing through congressional action. Trump cited the recent Supreme Court decision – finding the Trump administration could terminate the DACA program but failed to follow the proper procedure to do so – to claim the executive authority to provide a "pathway to citizenship" for DACA recipients. 

"I'm going to be signing a major immigration bill as an executive order," Trump announced on Friday. "One of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We're going to have a road to citizenship."

Conservatives were quick to criticize the president's plans. 

Before Trump goes out of his way to help big business and silicon valley achieve their political goals, he should remember his supporters who helped Trump achieve one of the biggest political upsets in U.S. history.