If Cher Could Turn Back Time, Maybe She Wouldn't Post This Stupid Tweet

Posted: Jul 05, 2020 7:05 PM
If Cher Could Turn Back Time, Maybe She Wouldn't Post This Stupid Tweet

Source: AP Photo/John Locher

Cher, 74, is promoting a conspiracy theory that bills President Trump as a genocidal racist using the coronavirus to kill off people of color and promote so-called white supremacy. 

The fake Indian and half-breed singer (that's the name of Cher's hit song) tweeted her conspiracy theory on Thursday.

Trump did everything he could to help Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo save lives in New York, sending in ventilators, the USNS Comfort, and building beds at the Javitz Center. It's not Trump's fault that Gov. Cuomo thought it was a better idea to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes instead. Trump sent the other ship, the USNS Mercy, to California and has been praised by just about every blue state governor for his administration's swift efforts in responding to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Besides, anyone interested in saving people of color and white liberals during the pandemic would have railed against left-wing protests that went on for weeks all across America. The protesters hugged, danced, shouted, screamed, held hands, and did everything else they could to spread the virus among the crowd. Cher sat the protests out but encouraged people of color and liberals to carry on.

Cher said she was hospitalized and that's why she couldn't protest. If she could turn back time, I'm sure she would have scheduled her facelift for a different week. Madonna was on crutches and still managed to protest, without social distancing and without a mask. What if Cher and Madonna DON'T WANT 2 SAVE "EVERYONE"FROM THE VIRUS???