Progressive Groups Call On Congress to Pack the Supreme Court

Posted: Jun 11, 2020 6:00 PM
Progressive Groups Call On Congress to Pack the Supreme Court

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A group of progressive organizations is calling on Congress to pack the Supreme Court, citing an "unprecedented power grab" by Republicans who apparently have the audacity to keep winning elections. 

In an open letter signed by far-left organizations -- including Friends of the Earth, Demand Progress, and, among others -- liberal activists are calling on Congress to add at least two seats to the Supreme Court, impose term limits and establish a code of ethics to forever rid the Supreme Court of conservative control. 

"The fastest, most effective way to reverse the Republican theft of the Supreme Court and make the court representative of all Americans is to enact legislation increasing the size of the Court by at least two seats, and to quickly fill those seats with justices who will safeguard our democracy," the letter reads.  

The letter accuses Republicans of stealing the Supreme Court by winning control of the Senate, which they say structurally favors Republicans, and by Republican presidents appointing justices despite those presidents losing the popular vote in their elections. It's not just the Supreme Court these progressives have a problem with; it's any institution they can't control.

"The activist conservatives who control the Supreme Court are poised to trample existing rights, from reproductive freedom to LGBTQ rights -- and to block any significant progressive legislation in the future on urgent crises from climate change to health care to gun safety," the letter warns. 

The letter comes before the Supreme Court will make decisions on a wide range of hot-button issues, including the president's disclosure of tax returns, amnesty, and abortion. 

"If we continue to allow Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas to have a veto over the policies chosen by the majority of Americans we won’t be able to do the things necessary to rebuild our economy, provide health care to all Americans, tackle climate change, and ensure the ability of all Americans to participate in our democracy," the letter concludes.

Leftists will do anything to impose their radical agenda on Americans. For these people, falsely accusing conservative nominees of sexual misconduct was just their opening salvo.