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MSNBC Screenshot

A panel of MSNBC guests accused Americans who want to see their country reopen of hating certain minority groups and wanting "more black and brown people to die." The ignorant and hateful comments were spewed on Joy Reid's Sunday episode of "AM Joy." 


Renee Graham, an opinion writer for the Boston Globe, believes the protestors aren't really upset about losing their jobs and businesses or being told they no longer have the freedom to associate, buy certain products, watch sports, receive certain medical treatments (don't worry, abortion is safe), send their kids to school, attend churches, or even enjoy certain outdoor activities. What Graham thinks when she sees "a bunch of white people" protesting is that surely they must want more black and brown people to die. 

"One thing I think is really interesting is how these protests have started after all the headlines last week or so about the disproportionate effect the virus is having in communities of color, and so when I look at these protests what I see are a bunch of white people essentially saying 'oh, it's affecting those people, so why do I have to change my life for them,'" said Graham. 

Senior writer for The Root, Michael Harriot, then told Joy Reid that the protestors are saying "quite clearly" that they "want more black and brown people to die." 

"If you want the government to open up, then you want more black and brown people to die," Harriot added.

President Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Surgeon General Jerome Adams and others in the administration have all raised the issue of racial disparities in the Wuhan coronavirus data. It is a tragedy that the coronavirus isn't killing all ethnicities equally. But it also appears to be the case, as it should, that the disparities are a top concern for the task force, the administration, and local governments.


But does Harriot really think the government shutdown hasn't affected white people, or white people are somehow immune from the Wuhan coronavirus? The coronavirus is also disproportionately affecting the elderly and people with certain underlying medical conditions. We know African Americans suffer from some of those underlying conditions to a greater extent than whites. And some people are actually hopeful the protesters will catch the virus and die. Are they racist? 

Liberals bent over backward to prevent any stigma directed toward Asians after China unleashed the deadly coronavirus on the world. But the same people are quick to accuse whites of genocide simply because the protesters miss their freedoms, having spent weeks in isolation, and question the government's decision to continue lockdowns into the indefinite future. 

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