Biden Forgets He Hasn't Won, Puts Together a White House Transition Team

Posted: Apr 17, 2020 3:25 PM
Biden Forgets He Hasn't Won, Puts Together a White House Transition Team

Source: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Someone needs to explain to Joe Biden that he's the presumptive Democratic nominee, not the presumptive next president. The Democratic candidate is reportedly assembling a White House transition team with over six months to go before the general election. 

During a virtual fundraising event, Biden announced his campaign has already begun building a transition team, and the candidate would not rule out announcing cabinet nominees before November's election. 

"Sounds presumptuous," Biden acknowledged. "I don't want to say we started thinking about it a month ago -- we did -- because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen, that I would be the nominee. I don't want it to sound like that, but it has to happen and that's why the transition team is already being put together."

While Biden refused to identify who exactly is heading up this transition team, the candidate promised the group will consist of "first rate" individuals. 

With Biden's cognitive abilities rapidly deteriorating, the campaign is likely planning to reassure voters by surrounding the candidate with a strong team of individuals who will be the real people running the country should Biden win in November. 

During a CNN Town Hall event on Thursday, Biden, 77, stumbled repeatedly as he tried to put together a sentence, even as the candidate appeared to be reading from prepared notes.

"Um, you know, there's a uh, during World War Two, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it's called, he's called it a, you know, the World War Two, he had the World, the War Production Board," the candidate said. 

And this is Biden fully rested, having spent the last several weeks at home, making only a handful of appearances, like the virtual town hall event Biden held in March which was a complete train wreck

The growing number of gaffes is too large to document here. But with the toughest months of the campaign still ahead of him, it doesn't bode well for Biden that his cognitive abilities are already failing before the candidate comes face-to-face with President Trump.